Monday, February 25, 2008


I forgot to add in an entry explaining my reason for posting my strange entry in regards to why I'm voting for Barack.

The thing is, I can't convince people one way or the other any more. We all have our reasons for voting for a particular candidate. No matter what I blog, it will feel inadequate and sometimes I feel hurt when my reasons and justifications are torn apart. Discussions can get heated and I just can't think straight. George W. Bush makes my brain hurt in many many ways and it hurts my brain to know that people out there in this world love him. Like BIG PUFFY HEART love him. If it were up to me, he would go down as the most damaging president in our entire country's history. My brain is on perma-ipod listening to some other song playing until inauguration day.

Most people have the dumbest reasons for voting for a particular candidate. There's a certain definable laziness curve when it comes to people educating themselves about political candidates. I can even admit to liking John McCain at one point simply because he refused to take out of a speech a portion referencing his age. As John McCain stated "I'm old, you can't change my age just because I'm running for office." For some reason that really stuck out with me. Of course, I then educated myself a bit more about the candidates (and still liked McCain at that time).

I've really only give $$ to 4 political figures'campaigns:
- Wes Clark
- John McCain
- Russ Feingold
- Barack Obama

.... and rallied behind electing John Kerry. Didn't think money was needed there.

I know that Obama is a good speaker, but I really believe in the speeches. All politicians give lip service. I believe in a person who wishes to change the current lip service and really be a proper human being. I brush the inexperience aside as I believe he is a better person in life than one George W. Bush. He will choose qualified advisors and I truly believe that he will do the best to keep the country focused on accomplishing things. Accomplishing things would be GREAT. I like that he has a background in international relations and knows that how important it is to help Afghanistan and figure stuff out there. I cannot stress this enough - Afghanistan must be dealt with if we want to make progress in Pakistan and the rest of the Middle East. Actually, Afghanistan and the Palestinian problems are the biggest issues I feel our government should be compelled to act upon.

I am worried about Iraq. Things are still not good. There is going to be a huge vacuum and some asshat dictatorship will replace the asshat that our asshat president decided now was the proper time to replace.

Well, there I went. It was either politics or the IMPENDING SNOW STORM today to blog about. Yes, a storm. Not just cute fluffy flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes.




Anonymous said...

I love your honesty.

Iwanski said...

Nice analysis.

Lorraine said...

Obama 08. That is all.