Sunday, February 3, 2008

A pretty happy birthday!

Of course, High School Musical cake courtesy of my ever-talented mums

Some notes:
1) Yes, we have a deer head in our dining room
2) My husband almost always ends up lighting candles at my family birthdays. Every time. This amuses me.
3) High School Musical signage everywhere
4) Amazing pretzel dip and pretzels sitting on the table
5) Dad - wearing some sharp lookin dress pants (he gets fashion snaps for today!)
6) She ended up with 3 boyfriends, in case you wanted to know!

Classic Savannah... I let her know the poster was LIFE SIZE TROY from HSM and this was her reaction! hee hee.

Mmmmm strawberry ice cream. (notice the HSM pillow next to me and the HSM sign on our windows.... above the couch was a whole HAPPY BIRTHDAY HSM banner)

Ok, this is the FUNNIEST picture from today. We asked Jonah bebe to "smile and say cheese" -- I think he was afraid of flash cuz this was the reaction we got! That's my grandpa (Jonah's great-grandpa) in the background laughing hysterically!

Some other notes:
- A fun time had by all.
- My little brother made the paper for scoring the game-winning 3 pointer at his bball tournament! whoot! Apparently it was one of those moments with seconds left on the clock, down by two, everyone chanting for him to shoot, shoot! - so he did!
- We found a news snippet from 30 years ago in a local paper which read: My dad's aunt was a guest at the home of my grandparents for my dad's 2nd birthday. Ahhh, the days when "guests" for parties were reported in the local papers! amazing.
- Savannah only had 3 outfit changes for her birthday. I'm suprised it wasn't 6 or 7.
- The food highlights were the blueberry cream cheese thing my mom made, the pretzel dip by 'reenie beenie, and strawberry spinach salad from jeanie beanie.


MHP :) said...


Sounds like you had a good ole' Clintonville time! *smiles* Glad to hear it...

Also, a note for you: I don't think people in other states besides WI do the "remaining lit candles = # of boyfriends" thing. I once mentioned it at a birthday party for John's sister and they all look at me like I'd gone completely crazy. :)

Just thought I'd let you know!


MHP :)

sfoofie said...

MHP- That's hilarious! I'm sure not everyone does boyfriends-with-the-birthday-thing, but we sure the heck do! don't you love our fam and our weird traditions?

Lorraine said...

We're all in this together...