Friday, February 1, 2008

Jukebox Friday - A Magical Mystery Link Around The World Extravaganza


*ducks sheepishly* mrs here the thing emailed me great instructions for posting videos into blogspot, but I still haven't taken the steps she meticuously provided.

Sooo people are going to have to settle for clicking links. It's a mystery jukebox Friday and everyone is invited! Click - I mean party - away!

In honor of:
* The fact that I handed in the resignation letter (listen to the lyrics!)
* The sweatshirt I threw on this morning (Because I overslept)

2. oui. mellow me out.

3. Quality mystery TV returned!
(plus an awesome song! this is an interesting version too )

4. I want it to be summer.
(Isn't this a cool one?!)

(oh man. you are going to be so pissed at me for this one!)

6. Happy 9th Birthday Savannah Banana!
(Feb 3 an explosion of HSM gear will invade the 'rents house. bracing myself.)

7. I have no idea what this song means. (But I sing it all the time...)

8. Learn Korean.
(or just enjoy the cute video)

9. Still the coolest music video
(I can watch this over and over again)

10. Finally.
(I know the drummer to this group... Although, oddly, he isn't the drummer that is in this song. They are punk/rock/country. Think Merle Haggard... ummm.... modern? It appeals to me. yes? no?)


This mystery party has taken you around the world, gotten in your head, made you fabulous, confused, amazed, kept it old school, kept it new school, and maybe angry. Feel free to comment away! Have a great weekend!

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