Thursday, February 14, 2008

In the Projects lay a Bitter Sweet P

Scene: Apartment is all quiet. Sick husband sleeping.

Judges announce "Chris, you're in" - I shot straight up and almost yelped in girlish gleeeeeeeee! WHEEE!!! Then.... "Rami, you're also in." Damn.

IF ONLY Chris had done something slightly different and still "haute."

I hate that Drapey McDraperson drapes guy. I can even list why:
- He drapes fabric. The end.
- He peeved me with his slave-driver 'tude towards the P. Totally not necessary.
- He's already dressed tons of celebrities. Why does he even need to show at Bryant Park?? Why is he on this show?? Why do people keep buying his drapes??
- How can one be "passionate" about draping garments? YAWN.
- He always tries to distinguish himself as being "foreign" and having an elitist chic attitude. Get. Over. Yourself.
- I haven't even really liked the looks of any of his gowns.
- He's hot but gay. I'm bitter.

We'll just have to see how the 3 best looks of Chris and Rami compare.

For all who want to know (hi 2 readers - err - Mom and Aunt! bahaha), I actually really like Christian. Shocking, I know. I can even list why:
- He knows what he wants to do right away.
- He can execute a vision. BOOM.
- He uses fun gay phrases (Tranny ice cream, FIERCE, etc)
- He sews like a maniac. The other people will be pulling their fabric out of the bag and Christian is flouncing about the room with an already-made shirt. It's like he's a magical fairy elf in the workroom.
- He really "gets" the challenges. (prom dress challege was his weakest moment, but I really believe he had a difficult client who really didn't know what the heck she wanted)
- He has CRAZY hair.
- He really could have beaten the P in the arm wrestling match
- He never seems to get too stressed out. Pretty refreshing from crazy monotone Jillian.
- He is still relatively cordial to other designers
- He calls other designers out when they start to get too bitchy/stressed
- He clearly has talent
- His confidence really doesn't bother me. It's refreshing that he can back up his confidence.
- Did I mention the CRAZY hair????

Jillian is meh. That girl's monotone soft voice really gets ME on edge. I keep thinking: Oh. Man. she's gonna snap, she's gonna snap, she's gonna snap. Plus, she's ALWAYS last-minute. At least she's remained in.

Poor Sweet Pea. She really is sweet. Also, I noticed last night her blue star tattoo on her hand. I kinda liked it. The other tattoos are just distracting. Good lucked to our auffed P.

Chris I like. I wish he would just contain his fanciful notions of grandeur. Keep the outfits a little more finished and polished.

Overall, Chris or Christian could win and I would be happy. Jillian might suprise me - or snap.

That's all! I really liked last nights episode. PLUS - I was excited that they actually went to The Metropolitan museum - I can proudly say I've been there. How cool would it be to be in there with only 10 other people? Tres cool.


Lorraine said...

I concur entirely. Entirely.

I will say that for all her drama, Jillian is a very talented designer. Her looks have been consistently lovely. But she is tightly wound.

Lorraine said...

Oh, and hi, uh, you have 3 readers. Knucklehead.