Monday, February 18, 2008

Maybe I can do this.

Well, I have the day off, it's snowing another bazillion inches (SURPRISE!), and it's the day before the primaries here in good ol' moo-country. Apparently, we have now become battleground for sweet head to head Obama Clinton action. Gag. I hate media over-reactions, hype, and stupid headlines*

I sat through a news show last night that had an "exclusive" interview with Hilarious Clinton. Guess what they talked about? OMG. LOL. It was, like, about her favorite SHOES and, OMG, did you know that Bill Clinton did something totally outrageous ummm, like, years ago? Yes. They talked about SHOES and asked Hilary if she could be focused on USA when Bill was a terrible husband** a long time ago. OMG OMG OMG.


Moving on***, I would like to state that I really cannot and do not articulate my opinions regarding the topic of politics well. I very rarely will step in and shove some political opinion down other people's throats. I do not engage in political debate and discussion because I go all shy and waver on certain topics. It is my openness and willingness to understand the people behind the opinions that gets me in wavering problems. I will most likely go, "yeah, you're right." and that's it. It does annoy me that I cannot be well versed.

So instead of going into all the points I have about Hilary, John McCain, Obama, and Ron Paul, I'm just going to say:

1. I'm voting for Obama in the primaries tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about this vote.
2. If I ever have an "exclusive" interview with Hilary, I will not talk about shoes.
3. If you don't know who you are voting for tomorrow and you are in this state, please figure it out. It is IMPORTANT. I don't want to hear you bitching about who is chosen from the parties when you didn't come to this first party. It will then not be your party and, no, you cannot cry if you want to.
4. Yes, it's still snowing.


* Although these provide hilarious fodder for The Daily Show

** Before you think that I am pro-Bill Clinton, I need to review a couple of opinions. I do NOT appreciate how Bill Clinton corrupted the office of the Presidency and got everyone all crazy, but I did not mind him as a president. He really shook up the offices and got rid of stodgers who were contributing nothing in the way of new ideas. I don't think what happened with Bill Clinton is directly related to Hilary Clinton's run for presidency.

*** NOT to be confused wtih MOVEON.ORG the crazy bastards who use email as a mind-bending tool. Oddly enough they were started by passing around a petition asking Congress to "censure President Clinton and move on", as opposed to impeaching him. Smart. Smart. Smart. Still relevent every time Hilary is interviewed.

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Beth said...

Hellooooo you have like, 3 readers... at least! Though I clearly don't watch whatever it is (Project Runway?) that you detailed below. Which is ok, considering I'm already a television addict.

As for this post, please explain why you are so excited to vote for Obama. This has been a large topic of discussion in these here parts (the Potomac primary was last week, though I don't know many who voted as most of us did not register as either party), and many of us are not sold on the Obama camp. Inquiring minds want to know! :)