Friday, February 22, 2008

Jukbox Friday: Version "I still can't video post"

I still can't get a video "en post", so you will just have to exert force upon your mouse and click this link yourself

I'll even keep this one pretty short.

I like that this can be a new sleepy lullabye. I really like singing lullabyes... especialy when I'm sleepy. Like now. Plus it totally reminds me of my dad. He loves this movie. I've probably seen it more than most 26yr old girls. I never noticed this song in it though!

So, I'm really sleepy. I cannot believe how stressful this week was! I cannot fathom that in 5 more business days, I'm done with it. It is so taxing on my mind. You have to constantly, with NO breaks, multi-task.

Seriously. I have to think about this case and this follow up and that query and answer the phone and this person gone and this person here and call that guy back and work this case and help compose a letter and check licensing for that person and send a TR request because the systems are slow and go off the phone to run that type of quote no I really think I gotta go to the bathroom but first I'll have to make sure that policy goes OVERNIGHT OVERNIGHT but you cant tell it went overnight because the file is marked wrong and WHY isn't this file marked and email the supervisor of that department to assign the case and get this case moved in this system and why aren't the premiums matching and have to find the check that was signed for by Ed in the mail room and the agent is screaming screaming screaming because we. are. so. overworked.

Why do people keep asking me if I'm really going to be OK for an entire month not having to work? I am REALLY going to be ok. The reason I know this is that I have had two full continuous years of this crazed work. I gots it all stored up, thank you very much.

Seriously. This next month I will really take my time organizing things and reading and working out and taking my yoga and having a nice walk and getting a smoothie on Thursdays and checking facebook and leaving comments on Lorraine's blog and taking random pictures and fluffing pillows and cooking a nice dinner and learning how to cook a nice dinner and praying and reading and seeing more of the sun and getting new glasses and seeing my Godmother more and going to the dentist and getting laundry done and watering plants and throwing out shoes and buying a new pair of shoes to replace the ones I threw out and giving myself a pedicure and getting my hair cut and planning for a trip and making kokeshi dolls and going through college papers and singing lullabyes and getting. more. sleep.

I'm still kinda scared, but overall excited. g'night!

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Lorraine said...

Sounds like a pretty wonderful use of your time. I especially like the part about leaving comments on Lorraine's blog.