Sunday, February 10, 2008

FUN times with the nephew

I always manage to get one "quintessential" bebe pic whenever he comes and visits. This would be this weekend's picture...

... Usually the pictures end up like this because, well, he is a three year old boy who doesn't SIT STILL. He also has an impressive sixth sense whenever someone is holding a camera. He knows how to make it so you can never get his face in a shot. He's such a turkey.

Anyway. I could go on and on (and ON!) about his cuteness. I'll list some of the highlights of his short stay with us:

- Guitar, guitar, guitar. With us having Guitar Hero 3, now there is bubs' real guitar and bebe has his own smaller guitar. No more having to share the one guitar. Trying to help him play Guitar Hero 3 produced our one (and only!) tantrum. In the middle of the tantrum, kid is face down in our carpet and wailing "I'm Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad." hilarious. only kid I know who is hilarious while throwing a tantrum. The best part is that this kid's tantrums only last about 30 seconds.

- Eat grilled cheese sandwiches? nooooooo. Eat soup? noooooo. Eat pudding? YOU BET!

- Having Jonah tell bubs what to look up on YouTube. Green tractor! Lion! Penguins! Penguin hatchin out a da egg! Frosty the snowman! We watched them all.
(note to self: what a great/useful way to entertain a kid)

- Making up songs. Yesterday's playlist included: Angels, birds in a tree, clouds, sky, stars, lions, rudolph, and that song from Blue's Clues. Today's playlist included: Elmo's world, saxophones, tubas, guitar, trwumpets, and things beeel (his name for bubs) likes to do

- Having Jonah open the door at 7:30 and cheerfully announce: "I'm awake!"

- Putting all the stuffed bears to "sweep" with all of my "wankets" in the house.


Lorraine said...

This is the cutest 3 year old currently inhabiting the planet. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I think I have to agree with Lorraine.

Do NOT tell my nephews I said that.