Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blog away

I actually have a lot to blog about today. I'm kinda mixed up today. Bear with me...

I had a dream last night - a very clear and strange dream. First I went some sort of a road trip to Miami. When I drove back, I went to my parents house and walked in. My dad was there rocking a baby. He then proceeded to say, "Well, what do you think of your new baby brother?" WHA?! The baby had red hair and looked like my dad.... adorable, but WHA?! Baby had a name even! (Samuel) It was such a WEIRD dream. I like that I dream and that I can remember them and all their details, but sometimes they freak me out. It is obvious why I dreamt about a baby... Jonahbebe's mum and dad(my brother) are expecting a baby boy any day now. I'm really excited bout it and must have been on my mind. I'm hoping for a smooth birth for them and looking forward to cooing at a little one soon. Trust, nephews and nieces are great things. Secretly, I know I need to rock this baby to cure my own biological clock ticking in me! It is just weird why I would dream that my parents would be hiding a pregnancy and a birth from me... Why my mom?!? (she is so going to freak reading this!!!!)

I do remember when my little brother Zach was born quite clearly... I was 13. My dad had the cutest and proudest little smile on his face when he woke me up that morning (6am) to tell me I had a new brother. I remember that old house and my old room and exactly how my bed was in that room (behind the door) when he walked in. (Oh man, the memories of that blue floral wallpapered walls and crazy blue carpeting.) This dream sort-of reflected those moments too. I've always said that the birth of Zachary brought great happiness to our family, so I'm not sure if this dream is reflecting that this new little one will be a great addition to our fam. I know. Go ahead and say it: "Awww."


In very very sad news, my coworker's daughter died last night. She had had lymphoma for a while, but only recently was in the hospital for the flu. They couldn't get her over the flu and she started to develop weird symptoms... Then she had a stroke and lapsed into a coma this last Saturday. Really, it would be like dying from the common flu. A body just can't fight with a weakened immune system.

Please, please. Say a prayer for my coworker Mary and her family. Her daughter was only in her 20s and I know Mary will need strength and a sense of peace to come with this.

With this news welled something inside of me. Sometimes we feel hopeless that we can't do "anything" to help someone when they are dealing with all of that. Today I really reflected that our work department would be without Mary for quite awhile... I know that once she is back there will be a lot of strain for her with the current stressors. Trust, our department is crazed out.

They already have a replacement for me lined up - A super awesome candidate from another department. However, they couldnt' get this new girl in for training until this week - and we only have her for half days.


I offered to come back to work again next week to help training of the new girl more. Before you all gasp in horror, I did it for a number of reasons and I really think this was the right decision. Please follow along:

1. I really timed out my end date all wrong... February 29th is not a payday. I really wanted to end on a pay period day anyway.

2. It will ONLY be half days.

3. It will ONLY be for training. If an agent needs to get ahold of me after this Friday, I'm technically non-existent there. Tough jerky for them.

4. I know that getting my replacement trained will help the department with Mary being out for awhile.


5. It will help once Mary is back to not stress her so much

6. My boss gave me a huge hug today and really sincerely thanked me for offering this. She told me if I ever needed a solid gold reference, she would be there.

I am technically celebrating me leaving, but I will go back next week to help out.

Isn't it hard to celebrate when there is a very sad event occurring?

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Lorraine said...

Yes it is. Prayers for your co-worker. You're good people, Sfoof.