Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Me: "Jonah, can I have a kiss right here?" (pointing to my cheek) *kiss*

A little while later:

Me: "Jonah, can aunty have another kiss?"
Jonah: "I can't"
Me: "But you did before!"
Jonah: "I just can't"
Me: "Why?"


Jonah: "I'm sorry I kissed you before."

tee hee.

Jonah is a very imaginative child which I adore. Some examples:
- He carries around little pieces of yarn in a bag and he calls them his snakes. Then he'll bundle up the yarn and call it a nest. "SHHH!" They're "patching out a da egg!" is what he tells me.
- He'll make you draw anything and everything on the magna doodle. He just loves the magna doodle! When I asked him if he was going to grow up and draw/be a firefighter/make lots of money/make no money, he promptly asked for me to draw him "lots of money" on the magna doodle.
- Laundry baskets are effective "cars" for Jonah - also drums
- He can sit and play with this train track lego set forever
- Jonah would run up to anyone who came in the house, "Cici's here!" (he calls me Cici) Then he'll point to me and go "That's Cici!"... even if I know the person very well.
- For the record: Jonah is not cute and only sometimes a monkey.

And I'd like to share another picture of Caleb (courtesy of mum):

It was a great Sunday/Monday seeing my nephews... and everyone else (ha!)


Stephanie Hanes said...

Haha! You so made me laugh with this post! Thanks for sharing the cutest words of Jonah. And, I must add, the newest Lapp is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to meet him. I'm just dying for school to finish now so I can visit them. Love you cuz!

Lorraine said...

Kids that age are just the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!

And that baby seriously needs to have his toes nibbled.