Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I've emerged from being trapped on Good Friday and emerged from post Easter food coma to finally blog today. I've not much to report. Travelling to Michigan was a breeze considering we thought it would be a 5 hour drive and it turned into a cool 3. (sweeeet) I've lamented in blogworld before how much I hate IL roads, but I have to talk about it AGAIN.






It all makes me so angry. Fishing through our huge bag of dimes (wow, that sounded drug related) and counting and recounting to make sure there are EIGHT. Wait, this one is FIVE. Wait, I think we have to GUESS how much this upcoming one is cuz there are NO SIGNS. Oh wait, there are just stupid signs that say they are "watching us" to make sure we drive the right speed. Discounting the fact that everyone else is doing 90 and frackishly driving all over the lanes. Yes, we paid all the tolls in dimes. Cept the $3.00 b-tard toll in which bubs deemed it "too mean" to count out 30 dimes. hpmf. Did I mention that despite the highway robbery that the roads are terrible and in a perpetual state of disarray? TERRIBLE. DISARRAY. There, I've mentioned it again. Oh, and people mention we should just do "I-Pass" - well, NO. I'm not going to cave to buying a "pass" to DRIVE on TERRIBLE roads. The trips are not made often enough. Plus, I happen to recollect one touching experience wherein the I-pass lanes suddenly shut down and all the CRAZED 90mph fracktards were suddenly craz-merging all over the place. NOT FUN. HOOOOOONK - MEEEEEEERGE - HONK HONK - OMG watch that one! NO merge! No Merge!

Highway robbery. Yes, props to that term.

I do have to guiltily admit that seeing the Chicago skyline makes me very happy. I think of my aunt and uncle tucked away all happy amidst the craziness. I remember all the fun times had there. The delicious food awaiting to be enjoyed. The vibe of it all is just pretty darn cool.

Too bad there are the roads in TERRIBLE. DISARRAY.

Well, if you know the photo website o' mine feel free to go look at the cuteness that was my Michigan Easter.

Alleluia! The power of life and happiness (and, hopefully, springtime) prevails over evil*. My happiest wishes to all for the brightness and glory of this season! This is the power that I believe in... the love of Jesus glowing and triumphing over death.

(*AKA: driving in IL)

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