Friday, March 21, 2008

3 posts in one day -- because someone's TRAPPED

I'm trapped. I walked to the Y at 9am this morning with only a few inches, but here it is 9pm and over a foot of snow has fallen. I am trapped inside the apartment. The worst part about this is that I totally didn't even know it was supposed to blizzard today. I would have planned yesterday better (oh wait, I was trapped at the eye doctor place.) TRAPPED TRAPPED YOU SEE. I've been calling people and thinking about supplies I must have on hand in the future should I become trapped again. TRAPPED TRAPPED.


Ok. So I'd like to link some more songs for you merry blogfriends to enjoy this evening or whenever. I will hopefully be travelling tomorrow - be unTRAPPED. We're planning on going to Michigan this weekend, but now I am not looking forward to the drive with all this snow.

(ok, this video is just weird)

*Get me through December*
(people set Harry Potter montages to EVERYTHING!)

*A bit more optimism*

*Favorite song to put me at peace*

Whew. I feel better.....

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