Friday, March 14, 2008

Around, helping out, bits n' pieces

Week 1 of retirement (ha) is suiting me quite nicely.

Kidnapped early 90s yr old great grandma from her assisted living facility. Had to remind her a billion times that it is OK that she has a walker now. Got to hear that the staff at the place are super nice, she folds all the laundry to help out, she cleans up at the bingo events (has a sack of winnings hidden away), and she announces that a lot of them are just "too old" for her to form a friendship with them. When asked if she cared what people think: "Of course not, that is a great thing with being old." She is adjusting much better now. I'm happy.

Enjoyed lunch with the three other generations (great grandma, grandma, mom). Ate fantastic grilled cheese sandwich (homemade bread! cheese!). Talked about crocheting, babies, family, and Project Runway. Told stories. Played cribbage with grandpa and won. Talked about Hilbert, Wisconsin. Drove great grandma back to her room in time for afternoon meds.


Tackled dirty apartment. Started with laundry. Few disasters occurred: Broke a closet door and washed a blanket that was best left unwashed. Fucking lint everywhere. Vacuumed, picked up trash, unpackaged wedding gifts, made a list of projects wishing to be completed. Fucking lint everywhere.


Went to doctor for annual bleck. Bleck bleck. Gave me a Hep A booster. I politely held off on tetanus booster. Had lunch with my new best friend (me) and hung out all afternoon with my new best friend (me). Worked out with former coworker who told me that awful former coworker was fired. Whoo! Justice served. (I mean, she got seven months to correct her habits! Seven!) Watched first episode of Top Chef Chicago. Wondered what Sweet Tea Reduction tastes like.



Helped Bethy via email with more ideas of GREEN food to serve at her upcoming party. Wished I had a party to plan. Helped Phil to pick out new music to download. Wished I could be full time life & style consultant. Went for a walk in the LOVELY warmer-ish weather. Watched Lost. Felt confused and delighted all at once.


First tinges of boredom. Probaly only because I'm waiting for a new debit card to arrive in the mail (tragically lost debit card last Friday). Hate paying by check. Can't order anything online. (I only have real money to spend - no credit cards). Waiting Waiting. Playing lots of music going through piles of stuff in the bedroom. Piles and boxes.

Jukebox Friday - Must link again ! - sorry kids.



Beth said...

I'm gonna send you recipes... yum. :) Thanks for your inspiration!

Beth said...

Or leave them here, whatever:

Chimichurri meatballs:

I used much less oil, mostly white wine vinegar (ran out of red), and turkey instead of the beef/pork, and skipped the feta. I love chimichurri... also brushed it on some naan to go with the raita/tzatzki I made. It was very international.

I have a good spinach and artichoke dip version if you need one (I think everyone has one, though).

And the mint oreo balls... addictive. Same method for regular, only use the mint creme oreos and add a little mint extract to the cream cheese.