Friday, March 21, 2008

Jukebox Friday: Walking in a winter wonderland..

Happy first day of spring! This is the scene that greeted us this morning. Plus, how lovely is it that it is STILL blizzarding out there. Puke.

I couldn't do a cute bunny spring song for instead y'all get this

That's just how it's going to be today

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Beth said...

Happy Spring! Other than 30mph wind, it's pleasant here - should be in the upper 50's on Sunday! :)

And on the topics of food, spring and Easter...

I bought a semi-boneless leg of lamb, and I'm scared I'll screw it up (never made lamb before, which the nice lady I met at the meat counter thought was a tragedy). Suggestions for it that don't include rosemary (I hate rosemary)? It will be served with roasted asparagus and potatoes au gratin. Kevin and I are always Easter orphans (though we're going to my Aunt Peg and Uncle Dan's tomorrow on our way to Charlottesville), so we wanted to do something special!

And I'm assuming you'll see your family for Easter - say hi to them all for me! And if you see/visit my parents - see if they got their Easter "basket" from me yet (I baked GF stuff for 6 hours the other night - caramel [pain in the butt] pecan rolls, a chocolate mint roll cake, white chocolate macadamia coconut cookie dough and the strawberry lemonade bars).


PS - can you tell I enjoy your updates??