Thursday, March 20, 2008

Retirement. Milling about in life.

Well there are a few goals that have been accomplished since my retirement

Wait, back up.

Yes, I am referring to this period in my life as a retirement of sorts....Until I return to work that is. See, I'm not really a housewife as I don't have children or a house. I also can't just go on in life listing "bum" as occupation. Sooo, retirement it is! My friend Landon from high school got a membership card from AARP when he was 14 and I always thought that was one of the funniest things ever. I also get to say that I retired the same time Brett Favre did. Yeah, I'd like to kick back after my dedicated career in the insurance biz. Ha.

OK so back to goals. Here is what I've done so far:
- was able to go to the hospital when Caleb was born
- spent quality time with family
- wrote cards & sent mail
- lots of laundry
- sheets, towels, etc all put away in a reorganized closet
- bed is made in the mornings
- worked out once a day except Sundays since March 1st (this one is huge people)
- reorganized kitchen
- made an honest candlelit relaxing dinner
(Menu: * tapas plate with olives, marinated mozzarella balls, tomatoes, pita, parsley. * chicken piccata. *fresh steamed vegetables *good white wine *real cadbury chocolate)
- cleaned living room top to bottom
- ironed bubs work shirts to save time for his morning
- got new glasses & contacts
- made personal trainer appt
- ordered pictures from my online website to start scrapbooking & framing
- kept jewelry in jewelry box (oh you wouldn't believe how challenging this is)
- kept shoes organized

Next up:
- more quality family time
- boxes of random crap in bedroom to go through
- planting
- getting bikes out & fixed
- try working out 2x day

So on to other random matters.

The first up is the issue of before-mentioned REAL Cadbury chocolate. Don't ye be fooled by trickery! Most of the "Cadbury" sold here in the USA is actually made by Hersheys. Contain your astonishment. There is a HUGE difference between Cadbury chocolate and Hersheys chocolate. When I find real Cadbury at a fairly reasonable "import chocolate" price, I buy. Bubs grew up on real chocolate and I have come to appreciate it. I don't know what kind of deal/naked picture bribery/whore scandal/trickery went on between Cadbury and Hershey to seal that deal but it disgusts me. pft.

The second up is the issue of my new glasses and contacts purchased today. I went to an express type place. Spent 2 express hours there. Waited 1 express hour while my glasses were being made. Went back and spent 1 more express hour there. I would like to express my extreme disappointment with that whole experience. With an expression of a middle finger..umm.. contained (Lent). Well, the actual exam with the good eye doc only lasted 10 weird minutes summarized as such:

Hi hi, what are you here for? **scribble scribble on paper** Ok look out there. Read 2 letters. Ok. Which is better: 1 or 2? **scribble scribble on paper** 1 or 2? 1 or 2? 1 or 2? 1 or 2? 1 or 2? **scribble scribble on paper** 1 or 2? 1 or 2? 1 or 2? **scribble scribble on paper** Well you have a slight **mumbles something** in your right eye but we're just going to ignore that. Ok - step outside and they'll set you up.

What is in my right eye?!?! What are we ignoring?!?!? What are you scribbling?!? Did I answer 1 or 2 right?!?! What are they setting me up with?!?! Don't I have to do 50 other tests?!? Why didn't I get to read all the fun letters?!? Why didn't you change the paper chin thing?!? What chin disease am I going to get?!?

He was changing everything so quickly the 1 or 2 questions were really freaking me out. Sounds like a fun new prescription for me! whee!

Life has been pretty restful otherwise.

I'm glad and thankful I can attend church tomorrow and bake cookies to bring for our Easter weekend in Michigan.


Beth said...

howdy again :)

1. "Retirement" is funny, though you could still be a housewife! You're a stay at home mom if you have kids, and a housewife without, and you do have a home (regardless of it's shape/attached to other homes/rentedness).

2. Excellent accomplishments and goals. Sometimes people don't realize the importance of having goals of all sizes (I've gotten into making the bed in the morning, and I love it.)

3. Candlelit dinners are great. We aim for at least three times a week - table cloth or placemats, cheap regular tapers, square meals and stemmed water/milk goblets. We rarely eat in front of the tv anymore, and it's really nice.

4. Good job on the working out! Let me know what you do, because I'm kinda stuck in a rut with doing the same things each week.

5. I appreciate the lasik more everytime I hear about stupid eye doctor/glasses deals, let alone walking down the contact solution aisle. You probably have a slight astigmatism in one eye (a lot of people do, me included). They ignore it until it gets worse - no big deal. Once you have the time/money/stable vision, though: LASIK RULES.

6. I agree about Cadbury (though at least the US version is better than other US chocolate - including the rest of the Hershey lines, for what it's worth). Though, I really like Kraft's Milka line - still all made in Europe, and hard to find here. A coworker brought some Milka Triolade (white, milk and dark combo) back with her last week... and it was amazing.

7. Can you organize my closet? Or even better - my jewelry box??? (I totally know what you mean by that one...)

8. Recipe-o-the-day: make Emeril's Super Lemony Lemon bars, and drop in about a half cup of strawberry purree - strawberry lemonade bars!!


sfoofie said...

hee hee Bethy:
1. I like to be funny
2. Yes, I'm all bout goals
3. Showing me up, eh?
4. I'm at treadmill and abs stuff. next week is appt. w/ trainer to learn more
5. Yeah, Bil and I should look into Lasik stuff again. I think you're right about the astigmatism. Good call.
6. There are lots of other chocolates I can find that are good (Ghiradelli, etc), but Cadbury brings memories for Bil so I try to find it. Plus, it is a fun challenge to find "real" Cadbury here
7. It took a LONG time to do the jewelry and closet. I repositioned the jewelry box so it is more accessible. There is still stuff from the closet in a box to find another place I guess that is still a work in progress.
8. that sounds like a fun summer recipe. I'll add it to the list. Did you know that the recipe for chicken piccata I used was from your mom? or maybe you? It was in your printable work in progress recipe book. you should update it with your green party items and re-email.