Thursday, March 27, 2008


Tonight's dinner

* Garlic-brushed pita bread with melted cheese on top (think Arabic garlic bread!)
* olives

Main Course
* Grilled Kafta (think Arabic Hamburger)
* Cucumber yogurt sauce and tomatoes on the side
* Oven potatoes w/ tahini sauce

* Angelfood cake w/ fresh strawberries & whipped cream

Aaaand it is SNOWING here, so I'm just going to use my indoor "griddler" grill plates. meh. I'm glad I bought some flowers to spruce up my mood or there would be a lot more "meh" to my day.


Beth said...

That does sound tasty.

So, you've inspired me:

Lorraine said...

I love love LOVE Kafta. Hi, going on the menu for next week.