Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Resisting open bar.

To-Do List (ever changing)

- Laundry
* Travelling with clean clothes would be nice, dontcha think?
- Make copies of important paperwork
* Losing said important paperwork and not having copies would suck. This concludes my essay on how it would be to lose important paperwork overseas without having copies.
- Tell post office to hold mail
* I don't think the post office could start doing origami with our months worth of mail to fit it in our tiny mail box. They might go "postal." That sounded funnier in my head.
- Pay another month rent
* Shelling out money for time not spent here. Hmpf.
- Make sure change of clothes packed in carryon
* Did I tell you about the time I went to Germany and they lost my luggage? And then I had to borrow clothes from strangers because it took about a week to get it back? THAT WAS NOT FUN.
- Take care of relative's last requests for things we have to drug-mule overseas.
* It is always an adventure to carry 20 things of denture cream, vitamins, face creams, pie filling, laptops, ETC ETC.
* Sidenote: The show on Nat'l Geographic "Locked Up Abroad" is fantasticly scary.
- Get reading material
* I haven't found a good book to take along. Please suggest some in the comments. I like to read anything and everything. (from fluff books to mythology)
- Get wedding gift
* Yes, we have a wedding to go to on Saturday. Must resist open bar. Throwing up on the plane the next day would not be my (well, anyone's) idea of a great time. Oh, yeah. I also get motion sick on planes and transportational units. Alcohol increases the motion sickness. That was a mental note to myself. SELF, PAY ATTENTION.
- Email parents itinerary
* They should know what's going on, shouldn't they?
- Ask some friend to take us to the bus station on Sunday. (we take the bus from Mkee to OHare)
* Preferrably we won't ask a random stranger and end up in Tulsa OK.
- Look into registering marriage in Lebanon.
* You have to register marriage, wait 1 year, become citizen, pass go and collect $200. Take a ride on the reading rainbow and watch out for the flying monkeys.
- Make sure various items in carry on are under 3 oz.
* ...So then I can pay $8 for a bottle of water past the checkpoint. Oh, I suppose to keep the gel bombers at bay. I'll go along with this.
- Get pest control guy to take care of wasps nest


Gilman Chatsworth said...

Yeah... get those wasps taken out. I'd do it for you if I was there. I enjoy destroying wasp and hornet nests entirely too much.

sageweb said...

Oh I wish I had a good book for you...but my books are usually lesbian based...not the best books to take into some countries.

Lorraine said...

Thank you for reminding me that I need to pay the mortgage on line before we leave.

I just picked up "We'll Always Have Paris...and Provence" by Patricia and Walter Wells. It looks entertaining. That's what I'm going to be reading on my trip so if you read it on your trip it would be like we were super poking each other even when we aren't on Facebook.

Or something like that.

Buck said...

I'm still stuck on the pie filling.

Miss Healthypants said...

The pie filling made me wonder, too. :)

And I would be nervous about watching "Locked Up Abroad"--that sounds like it could be pretty scary!