Monday, June 2, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Ugh...I have so much I could write about that happened in the last few days, but I just spent a bunch of time staring at the blank blog format wondering what to write. It just wasn't coming out. I think it is a way of knowing that the last few days were very special - too special for me to write about them decently. Instead I think I'm going to just throw some other stuff out here that's easier to write about.

I have some things I take great delight in and spend too much time on. So I will share them here:

- LOL Cats. I can has a laugh at every picture. OH, and if you are a dog lover, there's LOL Doggies.

- Pop culture. The N mentioned yesterday "How do you know all this crap?" I swear the most inane pop culture poo seeps into my brain. It is everywhere. I have a love/hate relationship with it all. Seeing Michael Kors talk about how he has an obsession with the tabloids actually made me feel better. He even says "Now I gotta go in and see all this delicious juice." On the downside, there is definitely the hate part of this guitly pleasure relationship. Apparently Ashley Simpson didn't announce her publicity-pregnancy before her publicity-marriage because it "went against her religious beliefs." Quite possibly the dumbest thing I've read. Hey princess, wouldn't getting pregant before marriage go against your religious beliefs? aaaand btw, you have the creepiest dad. EVAR. So I read things randomly, watch E news randomly, and see things randomly on the internet and now I have insane amounts of useless knowledge. I know it is useless and yet I still am sucked into that vortex. The delicious juice vortex.

- Not really a "guilty" pleasure, but I'm including going to church on this list. In these modern times, many of my generation and all over the world simply do not "get" church/religion. (Ashley Simpson?) I like church and a lot of people don't understand that. Especially since I'm still part of what people consider the most bastardized instituion in the Christian world. Whee. I love this ride.

- Chick movies. I begged/whined/sold my soul until I got to see 27 Dresses. 'nuff said. (ohhh, but "The Prince and Me" is the WORST MOVIE EVAR.)

- Cheese. GAAAAAAAAAAH. Cheese has the most evil grip over my diet. I will give up meat to include cheese into a meal.

- French music. I probably will never learn to prounounce "Sacre Couer" or "Chantal" correctly, but I love Frenchy songs. I don't even know what most of the songs mean, but C'est Si Bon!

- Idle retirement. I probably could have done something cooler with this time, but I do love it. I take great pleasure in a simple day. (I guess I did focus on my health and well-being which is definitely cool, but I didn't save a puppy from a gutter in the rain or anything like that.)

- Pillows, blankets, and towels. I love having a lot of them and finding the cushiest ones to snuggle with. I wish I could adopt the snuggle bear and take it home. Snuggly softness rules! (haha, I do love how the clip is labeled as "Snuggle Bear YOU MUST DIE)

- Lime drinks. The new Aquafina Alive in Orange Lime ROCKS. I can get a little caffeine when needed without resorting to diet drinks and aspartame. I love a lime drink in the summertime too. If I had any ingredients for a margarita in the house, it would totally be in my hand right now.

- READING. favorite thing to do is cuddle up with a book (with a margarita, pillows/blankets, in my idle retirement, with a French soundtrack playing in the background)

- Playing Scrabble (and, really, any other board game). I totally came back this weekend to win at the very end in beating K, but I did lose to N last night. Memories are made when board games are played.


Jason Boskey said...

No need to feel guilty... except for the chick flicks. :P

Miss Healthypants said...

Cheese, chick movies, and margaritas...what more do you need? :) (I myself am going to see Sex In The City on Wed. night. Yep. Buck is forcing me to go. *hee hee*)

I LOVES me some lime drinks, too! I recently enjoyed some Bud Light with Lime. And I agree with you about margaritas in the summertime--I crave them much more in the summer than in the winter!