Monday, January 21, 2008

Family // Football // MLK


I went home this weekend without bubs (but in the bub's vehicle! SCORE!). I had a night of quesadillas with the girls AND the most adorablest nephew Jonah (thats his bubble bath pic on my blog under "things that make me happy.") Jonah is the most joyable little bugger. He wanted me to play with him, but I hadn't finished eating. So he goes really quiet, stares at me while I'm eating, and started singing the cutest little "ho-hum-hum" tune. Alissa laughs and tells him to wait in the other room. Tactics change. He launches into a fit about how I am sitting on HIS STOOL. OH THE HORROR. Even when he is "pitching" a toddler fit, it is still adorable. (Only Jonah can pull this off) Quesadillas were put down and I played a long time with him. We read a ton of very long Sesame Street books. Pretty soon they were shortened into 4 words per page. He's put to bed after we all assure him that there are NO GHOSTS THERE. NOTHING SCARY THERE. THERE IS NOTHING IN THAT SPOT IN THAT PART OF THE ROOM. NOTHING MOVING HERE.
Then Sheepshead was played (hello northern Wisconsin!). A night well spent.

(ooh plus Andrea reserved the coolest earrings for me from her HOMEMADE jewelry collection. I LOVE THEM)


Onward to football

From a friend's blog:
"It is hard to imagine a football team having a major effect on the attitudes of so many of your students and co-workers. However, living in Wisconsin, that just comes with the territory. As the green and gold do, so does your Monday morning attitude..."

I did sit up this morning and really wonder if the whole amazing season really ended.... It did. Say it aint's so. I still think the Packers had an awesome season. So heart-warming. It just wasn't in the stars. Send the Giants up to the Patriot slaughterhouse. Let Eli get some friggin commercial deals instead of fancy-pants Peyton (Payton?).


Finally, MLK.

HOPE AND CHANGE are very big themes right now (did you hear it is 2008? Election year? The Official George W. Bush "Days Left In Office" Countdown: 363 DAYS 23 Hrs 45 Min 15.5 Sec ? Consider yourself informed). I think the best modern example we have of a person who brought hope and change to very big issues is MLK. It makes me emotional thinking about the hope and change he brought in a tumultuous era. It makes me wonder how I can mix in hope and sprinkle change in my life. It makes me sad that there ever were these issues. It makes me dream the big dreams and know how important it is to dream. It makes me spiritual and enlightened to hear his words.

How do we ever pay proper honor to this person on this day? Bring hope and "be the change you wish to see in the world..."


Lorraine said...

Very nice post, Sfoofie.

Buck said...

When my little brother was that age, I told him that Santa Claus had died just before he was born.

That's what big brothers do, I guess.