Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hmpf. I thought I called it again.

OK. For the 2nd week in a row I just had this "KNOWINGLY" feeling that Rickey was a goner on PR. I was preparing for the weepiness, the sad regret I would feel about how he BLAH BLAH BLAH something, etc. Alas, I was wrong. Poor Kit. Is it weird that I loved her exit? So gracefully sweet. The real story here though: DANG, Rami. quit friggin draping on drapes on every thing that moves in this world. I'm SO over it. Your draping weird dress last week was ugly and your "avant garde" piece this week was drapingly-boring. drap-I-mean-yawn. I secretly was hoping for Rami to be DRAPED and outta there, but I swear that Rickey is to be auffed soon... He just doesn't really sew too well if you haven't noticed. I bet he makes really awesome lingerie, but sister can't sew an even waist.

Anyway, PR is the only good thing about today. It was a fun show. So I blogged about it. Now I wish to drape myself in sheets and get some sleep. How avantay-garday of moi.


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Lorraine said...

I'll see your "hmpf" and raise you a "pft". Wasn't Rami just the biggest pissy baby you ever saw? Making P cry? I hate him now.

But I hate Ricky more.

Bye bye, Kit. J'adore.

(weeps silently into the drapes)