Friday, October 19, 2007

imbibe the limeness baby!

lime vodka is totally where its at
you should be 'bout it 'bout it
get up get up and get down

welcome to a crash course in sfoofie bartending

step 1. yaaaaaay! no need to go out!
step 2. mix lime vodka with anything. hell. skip the anything and go straight to it!
step 3. you are lime vodka.

you've passed (forever an optimist)! congrats!

anyway. contrary to popular blogging op polls, i am not drunky drunkersons. it turned out merely to be a friday night watching a pretty great movie with bubs and remembering i have 2 key ingredients in my household to have one very pretty drink. now i get to spend time trying to convince ye 4 readers to try this.

See, the mark of a great pub establishment IMHO is whether or not they have lime vodka. (bonus points if it is the bright green cheap stuff.) you can even get guys to dig the "ecto-cooler" of it all. my fave lil pub here in brew-city doesn't carry the stuff anymore (gee, wonder why i haven't gone there much now?), but when they did, i could get the whole crowd going on the drink. it's unique, colorful, tasty, sophisticated YET deeply white trash. all my friends groan when we go out and i have to ask if lime vodka is in the bar's reperatoire (crap. can't spell. whatevs). no matter what tho, 2 drinks later and they're switched over to this one.

it is really, technically known as THE ALLIGATOR

...and the real technical recipe is:

lime vodka
triple sec
splash lemonade
splash 7-up
squeeze o' fresh lime
garnish with lime

...though i often modify it to:

lime vodka + 7-up / sprite / mountain dew / squirt /etc

Tonight it was the real green vodka and mountain dew. sweet cuppin cakes it was tasty!

A Short History Of A Drink
The Alligator drink was invented* in Whitewater, WI** at a little craphole*** by someone named Justin****. The drink can be done as a shot***** or a tall one****** or a short one*******. The End.

* I really really think so.

** Whitewater was both great and not great in so many ways. Here is a slice o' life there: HI! Welcome to Whitewater! There is no restaurant open past 9pm here! Except Taco Hell! Our Taco Hell has rusty road signs on the walls, tables and chairs were saved from some dumpster, and we'll blare some righteous country music! Shudder! OHHH the best part is that we'll give you parking tickets for parking in a parking lot even though our town is only 6,000 people! We LOVE giving parking tickets!

*** man. the brass rail was/(is?) such a shitastic dumpy place for playing such a key role in my life. fate is awesomely funked like that.

**** it's weird to be thinking about that person named justin. yeah. justin was such a hippy pothead. justin went to australia and came back some kind of savvy save-the-world-type-person but i could totally stab in the dark and guess he's still just just a hippy pothead. that's how these people just are. predictable!

***** bang.

****** preferred method of consumption

******* totally un-PC of me. should be correctly listing it as a "little darling one." ...until it kicks me in the shins.

There. a whole post about my favorite drink. and i'd like to thank my inspiration (nay, the QUEEN of relaying her every f'in FAVORITE f'in $6000 thing all the f'in time.) for convincing my whole nation of blogopia to try my favorite f'in thing. : OPRAH.


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Lorraine said...

First of all, your drunk blogging is hysterical.

Second, I'm getting me some of that there lime vodka.