Thursday, May 15, 2008

You figure these out....

I've had quite the detailed week.

Sunday Night
Terrifying night. Dreamt my teeth were falling out ala 2nd grade. Wiggle wiggle wiggle, tooth pulls right out. Must have something to do with fear of dentist/me needing to make a dentist appointment. I wake up right as I'm trying to explain the teeth falling out thing to a dentist and I'm crying.

Monday Night
Travel night. Dreamt we had a layover in South Korea. (totally on the way to Lebanon!) There were some flight problems, so I told N to pick up our luggage rather than trust the airlines to get it on our new plane. Then we see the porters correctly putting the luggage onto the new plane and I realize I just made N do something foolish. I also start asking N if he packed my purse and has my passport (apparently we had to leave to get to South Korea in a hurry!) and realize I forgot a change of clothes for the carry on. We go into the line to board the new plane. The new plane is up a huge flight of stairs (tall plane? I dunno.) N is almost up the stairs and all of a sudden I start yelling at him that he left our main luggage bag in the lobby area and he needs to go find it. I don't go with him (?) and proceed to get on the new plane. The plane is set up like a lounge...recliner seats in rows in the middle and all of these diner tables around the outside. I try to find an open 2 seats next to each other, but can only find one side of a diner table open. I wake up right as I start to panic that N won't make it on the plane and that our luggage is completely lost for good.

Tuesday Night
Magical land night. Dreamt I had to pick up jackets (? yeah, don't ask?) from an island and I had a winged creature to get me there. Along the way dealt with flooding/water lands, meeting these hissing little things that did something weird when they were out of the water. I left that area before I figured out what horrible thing they did....because some people kept yelling at me to go pick up jackets. Quit yelling at me! I wake up right as I'm flying back on the winged creature with jackets.

Wednesday Night
High School non-musical night. Dreamt I was enrolling in my senior year of high school! How exciting! (awful) I've had a version of this dream within the last couple of months too...last dream was that I didn't enroll in any classes and I had to get to the school to pick out classes etc. Last night it was the actual first day and I kept laughing with people that I hadn't even gone to orientation and joking about how cool it was to be a senior! Way cool! Then I go up to a table and have to give my name and it is still listed under my former name. I have a locker next to the same guy (Cory Kr.) that I did in real-life high school because my former name begins with La. I was told I had to go to the office later to get my last name changed to my married name. (Yes, my dreams have continuity problems) Anyway, the major part of this dream was that they gave me locker #39. So Cory and I go and he puts his lock on #38 and I see that the locker next to it (#39) already has a lock on it! So I have to go back to the table and try to tell her there is already a lock on locker #39. The lady keeps rolling her eyes and not understanding me. I'm repeating slowly about three times that THERE IS ALREADY A LOCK ON LOCKER #39. She advises me to go check again. I go to check again, and all of a sudden I'm seeing all these different locker #39s down the same hallway. Theres small ones and ones up high (that I can't reach) and tons of locker #39s!!! I go back to the office and they don't believe me that there is more than one locker #39. I'm trying to insist I want the one next to Cory K and they need to call a janitor. By this time, everyone is already in classes and I'm pitching a fit in the office because I don't have my locker #39 yet!!!

Those have been my weird dreams. Welcome to my teethless, lost luggage, winged creatured, high-school world. I'm totally not going to the Korean restuarant and ordering the #39.


Beth said...

If you did go to the Korean restaurant and order #39, it would be a chicken dish, and then you'd forget your purse there or something.

I had some cracked out dreams this week, too, but I don't remember them anymore. Though definitely not as cracked out as these! And I love the continuity errors, btw.

PS - FedEx sucks.

Miss Healthypants said...

Wow!--I thought I had weird dreams! These take the cake! (Isn't sfoof a type of cake or something?)

I remember reading somewhere one time that dreams about teeth falling out are very symbolic--you should look it up. I think it's mostly about fear. I bet that because people fear the dentist so much, any dream about teeth falling out just symbolizes fear, in general.

So what's happening with your Lebanon trip? I'm worried about you!

Lorraine said...

I was just goingto ask what the hell you've been eating before bedtime...