Monday, November 17, 2008

4 x 4 blog to your brain

1. Our house loan was FINALLY approved. At least over the phone. We still haven't gotten any official-lookin-documents in the mail. Yargh. Closing should be 11/28. We should be finding some sweet deal on a new computer for me early morning, closing on the house late morning, and jetting up north in the afternoon. That is, if N hasn't gotten a deer dead yet. Sorry for the hunting reference.... It's WI, and it happens. (The worst is driving along the highways and seeing animals hanging off the back of vehicles these next couple of weekends.)

2. It was the unofficial anniversary with the N last week. Yessirree, 6 years since the day we met and never parted. (Yeah, we're "one of those" couples that become inseperable from day 1). It's also been 3 years since the day I was proposed to on the top of Lebanon at a waterfall. A waterfall where, mythologically speaking, Aphrodite and Adonis shared their first kiss and "love began." Looking back, I would have wanted to shout YESSSS to the entire country and to the heavens above....instead I cried/mumbled/gasped out a meager 'yes'. So, anyway, I tend to get a little moopsy schmoopsy around this day every year. The man will never officially admit he gets a little moopsy romantical around this time of the year, but I think I could attest to some extra sparkles of romance.

3. "Sfoofie, if you were born to Sarah Palin, your name would be: Krinkle Bearcat Palin"


aaaand I giggled extra because the certain current job I'm in allows me to see what parents are naming their childrens lately. Let's just say I noticed that some parent had named their kids the following*:
(* names have been altered because I don't want to lose my job!)
- Pepper
- Paprika
- Chandmuth
- Cayenne
....aaaand Katie. Now, I'm not sure how I would feel if I were "Katie" in this scenario. Thankful? Or left out?

4. Oh, peoples, let me tell you a thing about "job satisfaction." I HAS IT!! I finally has it!!! ohboyohboyohboy, tis a great thing.

Peace out fwiendz.


sageweb said...

I love that you love your job...and how romantic you are about your honey. That is sweet.

LostInColor said...

It is great that you love your job! And here's to a smooth closing! Have fun autographing all those papers!

Miss Healthypants said...

All sorts of congratulations are in order--yay for you! *smiles*

Lorraine said...

A, congratulations on all the romancy schmance because that's nifty and 2) I feel ya on the job satisfaction thing. Is it not the best?

Buck said...

Moopsy schmoopsy. Love it!

I once worked with a woman named Tremendous. Poor thing.