Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spot. On.

I especially like the old and tired 'talking points' when the McCain soundbites are mashed up with Bush soundbites. Puke. Knowing McCain and Kerry have very similar backgrounds/lifestyles and how much Kerry was completely crushed with negativity over his life. Puke. It's not so much that I dislike McCain or Republicans....it's how much I dislike the big monies that control that party and push their agendas. 4 or 8 more years of that puke I truly feel will harm the chances of even little old me to pursue big dreams in a failing economy.

We deserve a man keen on diplomacy and an 'appropriate action taker'. Class, eloquence, and dedication. This guy was president of his law class over at that fancy pants Harvard school and could have marched his way into any fancy pants situation making fancy pants money. What does he do? He goes to work for the poor....heck, even a church-based community organization. He teaches constitutional law. He works hard to win his party nomination without sacrificing his ideas for the sake of money funneled into his campaign.

It's just difficult to get some people to see through the crazy web of awfulness the GOP shoves at us at every turn. They fight with awfulness and money because this is the way they know can work. It's worked for the past decade.


sageweb said...

Brillaint...Jon and Colbert sure are having a fun time with all this stuff.

LostInCO said...

what Sage said. Brilliant. Love Jon.