Friday, August 22, 2008


If you couldn't get enough of Shakira with the earlier post, I'll give you a bonus. This one is my second favorite song of Shakira's and this version was taken from her Dubai concert. She starts out with an old old Arabic chant song and through the power of Shakira, transforms it into this upbeat Spanish modern song. I think it is very interesting musically and now you can see how Shakira evolved.

I don't even know Spanish well and I just love these songs....that's the beauty of Shakira I think.


sageweb said...

Here is an Alabina video link... you have to copy and paste cuz I dont know how to link things in comments.

I love this Shakira song..I have never heard it...I might go look for it for my Ipod.

sfoofie said...

I *heart* you Sage for commenting on my Jukebox Friday posts! Thanks for the new discovery.... I returned the favor with a great KT Tunstall internet find.