Friday, December 14, 2007

Fun one

1.) Answer the questions and type into Google image search.
2.) Post pictures from the first results page.

Age you'll be next birthday:

A place you'd like to travel to:

Your favorite place:

Favorite object:

Favorite animal:

Favorite color:

City where you live:

Name of past pet:

Name of first crush:

(Mike Vitar from the movie "Sandlot" - Baseball girl all the way!!)


First name:

Middle name:

Last name:

Bad habit:

First job:

Grandmother's first name:

Major in college:


Lorraine said...

Ok, that was fun. Your grandma's name was Lorraine? Coolio.

Buck said...

This sounds like fun!

I would do it on my site, but my first crush was John-Boy from The Waltons and that is SOoooo sad!